Tecnodelta s.r.l. was established in 1994 by two co-founders, both of them with thirty years experience in mechanical machining. Started as a mechanic workshop focused on high precision mechanical machining, it has increasingly extended its activities over the years, developing an inner assembly department.

Today Tecnodelta is a key supplier for companies who are leaders in the oil & gas market, energy market, packaging machines market and in the manufacturing industry overall, with strong specialization in all of these markets.

Our mission is to manufacture customized mechanical products according to customer specifications and the highest standards on the market: high precision, top quality and service.

Our strength is the management of the production cycle: from raw material purchasing to machining (turning milling and finishing) including surface and heat treatments. Each phase of the production cycle not made in-house is sub-contracted exclusively to external companies carefully qualified over the years. We personally also take care of packaging and transporting. By covering the entire production cycle we assure the highest standards in each phase.

We work with passion to satisfy our customer base and to create a lasting relationship with the client. Through-out this win-win co-operation the customer and the supplier can grow up together.

Our technicians have a long experience in mechanical processing and are able to support the customer in finding the best design solution, by increasing quality and decreasing operating costs at the same time.

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